i need you



poor little charlie brown

we could never life alone, no matter how autonomous and strong we are

we still need other people to be near us

either to help us through difficult times,
talk to us about that cute boy next door
(doesn’t mean I have someone cute next door yaaa)
or only to sit next to us, spreading their wings and giving strength

help, can come in different ways and forms
a smile to brighten the day
a hand to close the window, not letting the chill air coming in
a suggestion on which dress to choose among five other same dresses-but different colors
a tap on the shoulder
a shoulder to cry on
a really good book, lent only to show the best part

an answer at exam?
naaah, not that one


but a sincere support when someone need it the most
is surely a great help

so? Let’s starts giving supports to people around us and don’t let them struggle without knowing that we stand before them
that we really CARE


Satu respons untuk “i need you

  1. apa ya commentnya?pokoknya keep on rockin (naon cenah?) maksudnya tetaplah berkarya oce?!
    salah satunya dengan mengisi blog ini
    seru2lah ceritanya…
    apalagi yang pake bahasa Inggris aduh bo eke ga begitu ngerti!
    maklum masih harus belajar
    sanes kitu sanes?

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