Move on! Leave The Vampire!



If you happened to be in love with a vampire and have a somewhat weird-but true relationship with him (or her), but he wouldn’t turn you into one of them, even after you let him gave you fancy gifts and expensive car, you should leave him!

No matter how deep you fell in love with him. It’s true that he had saved you several times from breakdowns but there’s no good to preserve your relationship in that kind of circumstances, for it will never come to the right path, well… at least the chance is lesser than me finally able to cook tasty meals ^o^.

Back to the matter I am trying to put forward here,

You might get a series of unpleasant effects from leaving him, but there’s no other way to deal it than to face those effects.

My suggestion is, instead of thinking about your selfish vampire, try the neighboring werewolves. They proved to be warmer and they are able to get old if they want. So, instead of spending your life with a cold mythical creature, wasting your life with an immortal or getting old while he can’t grow old with you, try a werewolf!

A werewolf is a whole lot better that a vampire (who refused to turn you into one of them). They’re passionate enough, though they also quite stubborn and reckless. They are warm-blooded and kindhearted. And the most important thing is they have the nature of being both sarcastically and pleasantly funny at the same time. You won’t get bored easily.

So, what I’m trying to say is, If Edward wouldn’t turn you into a vampire, leave him, and live with Jacob. He’s not bad after all, with all those muscles and fur… ^^

Haaaahhh….untung notebook-ku punya dua nama

Teu nyambung nya? Hehe

ya gitu lah pokonya

Find a werewolf!


7 thoughts on “Move on! Leave The Vampire!

  1. Oke oke komen sayah sudah habis di fesbuk anda tentang dunia pertransletan sampai membawa-bawa ke rangking 6 kelas bahasa inggris saya, dan saya akan terdepak dari kedudukan itu..
    Huaw menakjubkan..
    Salah sendiri hari ini sedang tidak melow sehingga tidak mau iinggrisan hahahaha..

  2. Apa yaaaah komen saya kali ini adalah:
    selamat, anda telah mengapdet blog anda sehingga tidak jadi bulukan atau jamuran atau kutuan hahahaha..
    Maaf karna hari sudah malam, saya mulai ngaco..
    Oiyah itu dulu aja..
    Nanti diteruskan nyamfah nya.
    Kita taraweh dulu ongkey!
    Sudah adzan isya
    Tar mah pake lektop jd puas nyamfahnya..hihi..

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