So, what shoud I do?

I know what I want, I just don’t know how to do it

I don’t know where to go

have no idea what should I prepare

all I know now is, I’m LOST

i’ve wanted so many thins in my life, i can get some, some i didn’t even want to think about now

i’ve wanted things so bad, yeah..that sometimes they hurted me. I’m a little bit angry to myself now. Why? because i’ve made something bad and addictive happened to me for a long time

really bad

i used to like it

and maybe i still do now

but hey, something addictive is not a good thing right?

it’s not that i didn’t realize it, but it’s kinda late for me now

and how i hate it

just like my own private heroine, you can’t never really let go off it

how i wish i can found some lights, some tips, and prayers to help me through the days

and i won’t mind for a hero on a white horse an expensive car now


a woman can always dream


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