I’m serious as in heart attack

“If you meet more, more, more, more people… Won’t you be able to find it?”


So this is what they call life

going to work, but not so much in doing what the title should do

mostly just to show their face around, do a little something, talk (about others) a lot, and go home

how tiring, even when i’m just standing at the audience seat and given the luxury of watching the scenes

not a pleasant one to see

So, this is life

where you ‘re obliged to make decisions hundreds of them a day

sometime you should say yes

many time no’s

sometime you keep them in waiting for a while

some will bring you satisfaction

but most will just give you headache

and pain in the a**

but moments of happiness will surely come to each of us

whether we create them ourselves, invite them

or hurt others in making one

but it’s life anyway, those are what happened in it

misery, joy, love, loss, hate, hatred, sympathy, major pain and sacrifice

He is Enrique, a character in a series a saw recently. His joy in life is to bring happiness to others, and if ever any of them choose to walk away and drown in loneliness, he’ll pull them away from their cave and ignore every resistance they give when he show them the world, its beauty and fun things in it.

He’s just like an angel, pouring love and joy to people but he’s a bit lonely himself, and hate to be alone. That’s why he tends to drag people to leave their sadness and meet more people and enjoy life and find happiness.

I envy him, i might not be able (yet) to be like him. I barely even have enough strength for my self now, but knowing that there’s someone out there who care for others that much, even just a fictional one, at least can give me a little comfort. And I truly wish happiness for all of you. Truly!

And I’m serious…. as in heart attack

‘Cause heart attacks are always serious


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