Will it be my last?
Feeling sad
Akankah bertemu lagi Ramadhan tahun depan?
Dengan segenap hati mengucapkan mohon maaf lahir batin untuk semuanya, maafkan semua kesalahan

Nyesek rasanya,
When you thought you found a pearl among the peas, it turned out to be a ball of dried pea
Sama aja ternyata
Wow, how I’ve taken you wrong all this time
Thoughts like “no wonder” and “now, I know” start to fill my head
And I thought I am the spiteful one
But, whatever
When I apologize, and I mean it, the rest is yours
It’s not my deal anymore
I don’t do begging and crawling

Like Sparta Kook deal things after got betrayed by the Girrafe, I’ll deal with it my own way
I’ll have to re-categorized you then

Well, enough with that.
Sebulanan ini belum sempet lanjut menggarap serial Bones, nyangkut di season 7. Hhhh…apa daya, waktunya belum ada. It’s been like Yogya Kepatihan on weekend before Idul Fitri.
GNA (Gussstiii Nu Agung…) Crowdeeeed
My favorite character is, … well, I looooooooooove everybody here.
Brennan, Booth, Hodgins, Cammile, Angela’s Dad, Max. Sweets, those interns…Nigel, Bray, Clark, Arastoo…
But I looooove Angela the most.
The prettiest, the nicest, baiiiikkkkk banget. And don’t forget the Angelator. It is totally AWESOMEEEEE!!!
Angela is the best kind of friend Brennan could have. Dengan semua weirdness yang Brennan punya, Angela can relate to her in the right way, and truly understands her.
Oww…how I envy this bones lady.
Well, hey. I’m really happy though, in spite of all my weirdness and stubbornness, and all those dark sides of me, I DO have some real friends around.
Ah, feeling very blessed to have you all.

‘Coz real friends are those who always come back to you no matter how pikasebeleun you are
Let’s see…


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