About Vieny

me, myself and I
just a small talk among the dust
but a bigger gulp than the sky
walk across the universe
wearing rags and pearls
trying to find my other half
the owner of the broken wing
drink paradise and take a bite of chocolate
sometimes undersiege by a nimbus
but most of the times only spend the day by staring at the shadow of the sea
dreaming of lifes gone under my feet
So, can you just stop by and see if you can fix the ceiling for me?
as the rain will wash me out if she happens to visit
the sun never become a friendly guy for me, as I always feel drowsy and my backbone aching all the time, whenever he shots his charm upon mother earth
but the moon, stars, and the dark of the night are the other things

is it you having the wing?

if it is so, please apply for a smile, soon

for I have waited for you so long,..


6 respons untuk ‘About Vieny

  1. Aha, ketemu juga halaman aboutnya!!

    Salam kenal ya, belum kenalan.

    BTW, snap-nya matiin aja (Design > Extra), enggak terlalu bguna & malah bikin lama loading. :mrgreen:


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